Warts and Skin Tags

Small, round and non cancerous skin growth on the top most layer of the skin are known as Warts. These can occur anywhere in the body, although they most commonly occur on the hands and feet. Warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) when the virus enters the body through the outer layer of the skin and causes rapid, undesired growth of cells in the surrounding area, leading to the benign growth known as warts. 

Tiny, skin coloured non cancerous growths on the skin are known as Skin Tags. These generally occur on the eyelids, the groin, the neck or the armpits. Skin Tags are non contagious growths that usually occur due to ageing, and can be obstructive, itchy or irritating but not dangerous. Skin tags are usually transmitted by sexual contact and are generally not contagious otherwise. Patients suffering from diabetes, obesity and similar related conditions are more prone to developing Skin Tags than others.

At Lumiere Derma, we offer the most convenient and effective solutions for the treatment of Warts and Skin Tags in the country. These procedures are as follows:

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  • Cryotherapy : Cryotherapy is a procedure that makes use of liquid nitrogen in order to loosen and free the growth tissues from the skin and destroy it without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues. The procedure basically freezes the problem area using liquid nitrogen, thereby restricting blood supply to the region by constricting the surrounding blood vessels. Since the wart or skin tag at the site stops getting nutrition owing to the blocking of the blood vessels in the surrounding area, it starves, gets dried and ultimately falls off. The procedure of Cryotherapy, thus helps you get rid of the problem without causing any pain or discomfort to the patient. It is a 100% safe and effective procedure to get rid of warts and skin tags efficiently and quickly.
  • Electrosurgery : The procedure of Electrosurgery involves making use of US FDA approved Electrocautery machines and Hyfrecators in order to use radiofrequency to destroy or ablate lesions occurring on the skin such as freckles, acne scars and seborrheic keratosis as well as warts and skin tags. Since the procedure makes use of radiofrequency in order to treat the problem, Electrosurgery ensures that the patient does not suffer from any side effects or down time.