Vitiligo refers to the condition that causes a loss of the color of the skin, in patches. Although the condition usually originates in and affects the skin, it may also affect the inside of the mouth as well as the hair. Melanin is the pigment that gives colour to the hair as well as the skin. In case the body stops producing melanin, the skin and hair lose their colour, resulting in the condition known as Vitiligo. It is important to know that Vitiligo is a genetic, non-contagious disease that is not life threatening. It does not cause any pain either.  At Lumiere Derma, we assure you of a 360 degree, complete treatment of Vitiligo.

Causes of Vitiligo : The specific causes of Vitiligo generally remain known, although experts suspect that the condition is caused owing to the following factors:

A family history of Vitiligo
A disorder of the immune system that causes it to attack and destroy the cells that produce melanin, known as melanocytes, in the body.
An external trigger such as a sunburn or internal trigger such as meat consumption, excessive weight gain or hormonal imbalances.

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  • Symptoms of Vitiligo : The primary sign of Vitiligo is the discoloration of patches of the skin. The discoloration usually begins on the areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun such as the lips, feet, arms and near the eyes. Other symptoms of Vitiligo include the following:
    • Loss of color in the tissues lining the insides of your mouth
    • Change or loss of color in the retina
    • Premature greying and/or whitening of the hair on the eyebrows, beard or scalp

    Vitiligo may cover varied areas of the body, in a manner that is unique for every individual. These usually occur in the following areas:

    • One side of the body: this type of Vitiligo generally occurs at a young age, growing for a year or two before the progress of the condition stops.
    • Many parts of the body: this type of Vitiligo usually progresses symmetrically on all corresponding parts of the body.
    • Concentrated in certain areas of the body: this type of vitiligo is known as localized or focal Vitiligo.

    Treatment of Vitiligo : At Lumiere Derma, treatment of Vitiligo ranges from medication to phototherapy. Pro-RX Resurfacing is another technique that your expert may decide on in order treat your condition. At Lumiere Derma, we take every precaution to ensure the treatment of Vitiligo so that you obtain the perfect skin that you deserve!