Under Eye Rescue

Lumiere Derma brings to you the ultimate Under Eye Rescue therapy to get rid of those war marks below your eyes without having to operate or use invasive methods. Our team of experts have done their research to make the treatment Indian- Skin friendly because, well everybody knows we are the tougher ones. There are various reasons for the formation of the circles under your eyes and this treatment works to eradicate all of them.

This treatment has ultrasound induced collagen boosting effects along with anti-pigmentation qualities so as to get rid of the black bags below your eyes regardless of their cause. Along with just removing the under-eye blackness, it also improves the blood and lymph circulation in the region and gets rid of fine lines and droopiness. Lumiere Derma brings to you the latest in “Black bag rescue technology” the Accent Ultra which uses radio waves to treat the layers of tissues below the skin by activating or rekindling the collagen lying under the skin. Because of the naturalness of the therapy, the results are permanent and really long lasting.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
  • The treatment requires hardly five sessions to deliver what it has promised with one sitting lasting for less than half an hour. The face is treated with the radio waves which are concentrated at a particular region to get the area heated. Some cooling gel is applied to keep the above layers of the epidermis cool. Our patient skincare experts would be there to guide and talk to you throughout the treatment.Apart from the treatment from Accent Ultra, anti-pigmentation treatments are meted out to those of us who have discoloured eye lids. Natural skin anti-pigmentation treatments are given which take less than 20 minutes. You will not have to hold other more important things to get treated that way. The results are bright as the light of day even after one session and you will notice the gradual change through the day.

    The entire treatment makes the skin under the eyes healthier and strengthens the tissues. We understand that in this technology dominated world, a person can hardly take time for themselves. And that results in a disturbed sleeping pattern, lack of nutrients, and the like and hence the baggage below the eyes are almost inevitable. That is why, we take as less time as humanly possible to treat you and make you look fresh, re-energised and recharged.

    You need not worry about those family events anymore because we will set you up with the perfect therapy so you can lose all that extra baggage you have been carrying around. Don’t you be shy about those, they stand for your hard work and toils.