If you are like most of the people, you would rather grow old than take the knife anywhere near your face. Luckily, science has developed enough to realise nature is the better way to go. This means you can get a facelift without having to get a surgery. This means no side-effects, no pain and no fear of the unknown. It simply works to stimulate your bodily collagen wherever you need it. So, if you have been wanting to look twenty-  five on your fiftieth anniversary, without having to book a room in the surgery department, we have just the thing for you.

Brought to you exclusively by Lumiere Derma, Ultherapy harnesses the power of the ol’ faithful ultrasound in measured and filtered quantities to stimulate the production of collagen where your skin needs it. This means, there is no surgery involved and it I completely non- invasive. It can be used to give your face along with the décolletage a fresher, younger look.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
  • The secret behind the sorcery : Ultrasound has been used in medical science for more than 50 years and is as versatile as Nawazuddin Siddiqui himself. Ulthera has been tried and tested in over million treatments worldwide and is a safe and risk-free. The reason behind the efficiency of this therapy is the fact that it enhances collagen production which are the underlying (literally) reason for the youthfulness of the skin.Apart from its collagen-boosting effect, it also shows the therapist the image of the layers of the skin so they know which tissue they are treating. This means that they can concentrate the energy of the sound waves to the areas where it can be most effective. The upside of ultrasound is that, unlike lasers, it does not penetrate the upper layers of the skin but bypasses them to directly reach the area of concern. The sound waves are then targeted at a region which heats the area up and makes it happening again, with dying collagen getting a new boost of life. Which ultimately, tightens the skin and lifts the underlying tissues. There’s more! Our experts at Lumiere Derma understand and consider individual specifications and requirements and deliver customised results which best suit our customers. Hence, we cater to each individual like our lives depend on it.
  • Eligibility Criteria : We understand that you have battled the “selection process” all your life and hence our terms are simple: “If you think those lines or sagginess don’t belong on your body, you are darn right!” Be it the face, the décolletage, arms, thighs, breasts, the tummy, the butt, and everything else; we’ll help you get your natural decade-old self back. The fact that everything is natural you need not worry about being called fake. It will all be you with just a little help from us.

In the end, it all depends on your choice and need. We at Lumiere Derma, are just a medium.