Skin Treatments

We all know how frustrating skin problems could be. After all the way we look projects our personality to others around us. The thing about skin is it acts as a mirror to what we feel from inside. If we feel stressed, tired, undernourished or simply giving up to the aging process, it is reflected on our skin. Our expert doctors at Lumiere Derma understand this, and so they assess your skin for a wide array of symptoms and signs before recommending a treatment. Our clinic is world renowned in terms of dermatology treatments, we offer a one-stop solution to anything related to skin conditions, be it acne or pigmentation.

We are proud owners of award-winning US FDA Approved technologies such as Clearlift, Accent Ultra, and Ulthera. Our proprietary products include Power Facial, NY Facial and Acne Defense, all these products were visioned and created right in our clinics. Apart from having access to the top of line technologies, we use state-of-the-art medical equipment for clinical procedures. Our top-quality skin care products are made with the finest of ingredients that are determined to deliver perfect results.

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Find our most popular skin treatments.

ClearLift Skin Laser Treatment: This treatment is coming straight from the Hollywood, we bring you the revolutionary Clearlift Laser, which is transforming the skin care industry. The Clearlift laser is risk-free and highly effective. It delivers result in a matter of minutes, making your skin feel as if it got photoshopped.

Ulthera: This is also one of our boutique treatments. This US FDA approved method is one of the only proven methods that can take decades off your neck, décolletage and face in a single sitting that too without using any needles. The whole process carries zero risks and is completely non-invasive. The technology uses sound waves that are able to stimulate collagen at the places where it is needed most in the skin.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

Botox: Lumiere New York Aesthetics is famous for its world-class Botox treatments. We offer one of the best botox treatment which is administered by doctors that are veteran in this field. Botox has recently gained a lot of attention in a younger crowd too. Many people are under a false impression that Botox treatments are unsafe, however, let us assure you that is not the case at all. Botox is pretty safe and if administered under expert care is without any side effects. In few rare cases, there can be few minor side effects, which again are easily manageable.

Feel free to browse through our other skin treatment procedures, and get ready to transform yourself.