Skin Maintenance Facials

We are getting busier each day, the modern world is getting more demanding and we are now working more than ever. On top of that, the pollution levels are increasing with each passing day. All of these factors are taking a huge toll on the skin and so the skin gets no time to recover thus leading it to get dull and rough. Many times the most obvious choice is to get a facial, then again, they come with their own disadvantages, as many salons use a wide variety of untested products to do facials.

Most of the salons use such products with untested methods to provide temporary fixes that can eventually lead to developing skin allergies, acne or pimples. In a true essence, facials are done so as to restore the underlying skin tone, and so should be done under expert supervision. This is where Lumiere Derma comes in the picture, we have curated a wide array of tested/tried skin maintenance facials. We understand what the skin needs, and so our facials are developed keeping all those factors in mind. We understand how risky a salon facial could be, so we offer our wide range of facials so that you can get the best skin maintenance experience without any risk.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

We encourage you to visit us at Lumiere Derma once a month and get the right kind of skin maintenance that your skin deserves. Our facials and skin care treatments ensure that external pollutants like pollution, tan, grime, and tension are completely erased from the skin while you enjoy the hospitality in our spacious clinics. You can select from our wide range of skin maintenance options, and watch us work our magic so that you can see the result just after one session. We promise that your skin will transform completely after continued sessions with us. The reason you will see the change so soon is that our facials aim to restore the inner vitality of the skin. We promise that after getting the right treatment here at Lumiere Derma, you will never have to step into a salon again for facials. You would have the perfect dermatologically approved skin that will just reflect your true sense. Feel free to browse through our website and learn more about our various skin maintenance facials. We invite you to a transformative journey, which will surely help you find your true inner gorgeous self.