Dark Circle Therapy

There can be multiple reasons to get dark circles – heredity, allergies, too much alcohol consumption, etc. Age is also one of the reasons that people can get bags under their eyes. With today’s beauty standards, it is only natural to want normal skin colored under-eye areas. Do not worry, Lumiere has you covered.

We have treatments ranging from injectable fillers to non-invasive surgeries too.

  • Clearlift: this is a laser treatment. There is usually a scare in the market when people think of lasers, but this is definitely not something to be afraid of. They are just narrow bands of natural light that focus on the unhealthy parts under your eyes. This procedure enables natural collagen stimulation, which also includes no side effects like redness, discomfort etc., (usually included with other procedures), thus allowing you to enjoy prettier eyes instantly!
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  • Under Eye Rescue: one of the best procedures in India that can happen to your eye bags is here at Lumiere Derma. To improve sagging, fine lines, as well as poor blood circulation. This is done using radiofrequency using the United States FDA approved Accent Ultra. This method is meant to target deep skin areas so that it can work its way to the upper, more superficial areas of your face. The total treatment is supposed to take around 5-6 sessions, but you can definitely feel the difference in just 1 sitting.
  • Tear Trough Filler: these are one of the most natural procedures in today’s market, for treating the bags under your eyes. Natural Hyaluronic Acid is injected into your under-eye area to make sure that you look younger, refreshed as well as well-rested. In just one sitting you can feel yourself feeling much better because your skin will be glowing. Hyaluronic Acid is something already present in your face, hence there isn’t something artificial about this procedure. The positive results of this can last for over a year and are also 100% reversible!
  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma): this is one of the most proven treatments for under eye bags. This procedure just includes using your own growth factors to stimulate skin repair and renewal. Typically, your blood is drawn and spun around in laboratory equipment to separate the plasma’s growth factors, a post which it is microinjected back into your skin. It works as a nutrient boost. This procedure is more or less painful and ensures perfect results!

These procedures are performed by well-trained doctors and professionals. Please do make sure that you do not get fooled by people pretending to be professionals.