Skin Problems & Their Treatments in Delhi

Skin diseases have plagued mankind for centuries now and with dozens of them out there, it is easy to buckle down before them. Due to lack of understanding and treatment, skin diseases were often associated with stigma and social rejection. Unfortunately, not much has changed socially as far as these ailments are concerned. Disturbingly, skin diseases are known to permeate into lack of confidence and anxiety as well. It is, however, time that mankind realizes that skin diseases are no longer untreatable. With advances in understanding the skin tissue, medicine and in technology, skin ailments can easily be addressed. The most prevalent skin diseases across geographies, age and gender are usually eczema, psoriasis, urticaria and vitiligo. Each of these is accompanied by different symptoms and need a different approach to treatment. At Lumiere Derma, we have extensively studied these ailments and are equipped, not just with knowledge but also with advanced technology, to help you overcome the affliction.

Eczema is a red, itchy rash that usually appears around the arms and behind the knees in early childhood or to those with a family history of the condition. With more than 10 million Indians suffering from this disease, it is important not to ignore its symptoms. Symptoms: It is usually associated with the above-mentioned rash which tends to be red and flaky. Also common is itchiness, bumps, fissures, and peeling. Causes: Caused due to external factors like irritants, allergens, climate and other afflictions like stress. Treatment: While it is possible to self-diagnose this ailment, it is not advisable to self-treat it. It is possible to treat it through skin care treatments and therapies.

Psoriasis is medically thought to be an immune system problem where skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches. Symptoms: Usually concentrated on the joints or around the nail or scalp, it is associated with rashes and thickness to form over the skin. Causes: It is triggered by other ailments like infections, stress or cold. Treatment: While phototherapy is the most advised, certain lifestyle changes and stress management techniques also help.

Urticaria or hives is a common skin disease which lasts for about a couple of weeks but can be the cause of severe rashes, skin welts and redness. Symptoms: These include raised and itchy skin-colored welts on the skin. Also common are swellings and flares. Causes: Various infections including those of the throat, stomach or urinary tract are accompanied by hives. Treatment: Desensitization helps in this condition along with cold compress and anti-histamine. When the skin starts losing the pigment which gives our skin its color i.e. melanin due to the destruction of melanocytes cells, the condition is called as VitiligoSymptoms: White patches on the skin, especially in the areas exposed to the sun. Causes: It is an auto-immune disease. Treatment: Medications, phototherapy and even resurfacing are treatments often considered. Each of these is treatable but under medical or expert supervision. We, at Lumiere Derma, ensure you get just that – the best treatment under the best supervision.


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    Nice article! I love to read your articles. You are providing the best info and treatment for skin problems. Thnks and keep sharing.

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    What is the cost of co2 laser

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      Dear Sahil,
      The cost of laser completely depends upon the area which is going to be covered, no of session required and other factors as well. What we suggest please walk-in for consultation and get the all information about the treatment, process etc. Please drop your contact number so we can communicate and proceed further towards a healthy skin. Else feel free to call – 8826329993.

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