Power Facial

In the world of fashion and actors, the antagonist leaving their presence is scalpel whereas the limelight is being seized by non-invasive therapies. With the advancement of technology, the world was blessed with the birth of beneficial dermatology facial, that gives results sans pain or meaningless suffering. The Power Facial, manufactured and adapted by Lumiere Derma for the Indian skin provides a wholesome therapy for those celebrities who prefer a little touch of beauty before the flooding of flashes and camera shots.

What Does it Do?

The Power Facial eradicates pigmentation, fine lines, freckles, blotches, under eye circles, and also opens pores and tense up the neck and face. The hassle-free nature of this extraordinary facial, side effects, risks and pain are a thing of past. It calls you towards its use and charges nothing but your trust and intelligence.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

How Does it Function?

The wonders of six technologies blended and united together in one, the Power Facial lives up to its name and delivers promising results visible by the individual and world alike. Different sciences mixed with the AFT technology, elegantly plucks out the pigmentation, blotchiness, fine lines and pores are opened as well. Ultimately, the gentle meso-infusions of actives with modest stimulating therapy sends home the extravagant treatment to assist in shining, tensing and alleviating the skin.

Is it for You?

Have a major event to attend or need pragmatic results for real? If so, then this Power Facial is perfect for you. At least to a complexion suffering from the onset to blandness, or if in particular the face is enduring a sagging period of its life, jowls, under eye circles or even double chins, the Power Facial replaces weakness with strength. Anyone dreaming of getting skin that does not shame away from public or someone in dire need of revamping the skin from its nadir to zenith would benefit greatly from Power Facial. The experts at Lumiere Derma will show you the better side of you.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

How many Sittings are required?

One sitting before an event would work wonders to the skin for the occasion, since the lasting effects of Power Facial would ensure boost of collagen activity and checking its power of anti-pigmentation.  Although, if you deem yourself a perfectionist or are looking for absolute results, then some sittings are needed, after which surely the results are lasting. To ensure the anti-acing benefit of the Power Facial, a brush up once every few years or a year is an idea to keep in the peripheral of the mind.

How essential is it really?

Medi-therapies such as Power Facial are incredibly effective and beats going to the salon. The facials at salon need consistent maintenance and fail at the long-term picture. On the contrary, they possess a risk and can result in a frightening irritation or allergies. Though, the Power Facial works in the long-term and does not possess any risk and instead works as a knight in shining armour for the skin.