Pigmentation Marks and Tanning

Overexposure to the Sun can cause your skin to become dry, dull, tanned and pigmented. Excess production of melanin owing to the Sun’s harmful UV rays is the primary cause of Pigmentation. Melanin can cause Melanocytes, also known as the self protection pigment is released in order to protect the skin from the Sun’s rays, to be produced in excessive amounts, thus leading to Pigmentation. Hormonal changes also play a huge role in the production of melanin in the body

At Lumiere Derma, we bring you the best treatment facilities for Pigmentation and Tanning in the country. The following procedures and therapies are performed at Lumiere Derma:

  • Clearlift Skin Laser Treatment : The ClearLift Skin Laser treatment is a non invasive, risk free laser technique that makes use of a non ablative fractional laser in order to get rid of pigmentation and tanning. These lasers focus a narrow band of light onto the area in which pigmentation has occurred. This stimulates the production of collagen beneath the layers of the skin, which in turn, causes new healthier skin to develop in place of the skin marred by pigmentation.
  • AFT Photofacials : Advanced Flourescent Technology (AFT) Photofacials are the current trend in photo rejuvenation of the face in dermatology. AFT Photofacials have consistently delivered startling results in clearing the face of any pigmentation and scarring, which is why we at Lumiere Derma, offer you the service, performed by some of the leading experts in the industry. The AFT Photofacials use a laser light in order to remove the blemishes and marks from your face, leaving it smooth, clear and blemish-free. The treatment focuses the laser light on brown pigment accumulated on your skin and breaks it down to get rid of pigmentation for good.
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  • Pixel Perfect Laser Skin Rejuvenation : The Pixel Perfect Laser Skin Rejuvenation technique leaves you free of any imperfections marring your face! The technique gets rid of blemishes, pigmentation, tanning and other scars and marks in a highly effective and efficient manner. US FDA approved, this technique makes use of advanced laser skin resurfacing techniques in order to get rid of the melasma buildup under your skin, thus giving you your healthy, glowing and youthful skin back in no time!
  • Metabolic Facial Peels : Known for giving 100% results, Metabolic Facial Peels are designed to provide safe and natural methods for the elimination of pigmentation and tanning. These peels are natural and do not cause any side effects. They work by attacking the bacteria under the skin, reducing the secretion of excess oil as well as getting rid of follicular obstruction, along with breaking down the accumulation of melanin under your skin. They also help in controlling the production of melasma, thereby attacking the very cause of pigmentation, instead of simply managing the symptoms.
  • Q Harmony : The Q Harmony treatment performed at Lumiere Derma makes use of a beam of laser light focussed on the pigmentation in the skin. A method known as the R20 protocol pioneered by Lumiere Derma gets rid of pigmentation in merely 2 to 4 sittings – a concept unheard of every before.