Ny Facial

NY Facial, the other secret everyone has been looking for but known to and available for only the elite classes, including mostly the celebrities and models are now available right here in Delhi. NY Facial is a rather simple but a sophisticated therapy which promises quick and painless results and gets you glammed up sooner than you can say “scrub”. It is a 3-tier process which hardly takes an hour to give you an above- par result. The other crucial upside to note here is that this therapy is completely painless and is as harmless as a water and soap with no side effects, discomfort or allergies.

This création merveilleuse perfected by our expert is only available at Lumiere Derma in the entire country (able and proud). It is an inclusive service by Lumiere Derma and hence it makes us the best in the business. According to our research and analytical team, this one of a kind facial is a vital part of any bride’s makeup. It is preferably done one week prior to the big event and is allowed to work its miracle. It not only clears your skin but also cleans the pores and other unwanted impurities on your otherwise flawless countenance. We at Lumiere, believe that you should be your own idol and we are here to help you get the confidence because, as queen Rihanna tells us, you are here to “shine bright like a diamond”. This unique therapy has brides-to-be and the rich and famous swarming in Brobdingnagian numbers to get this long-lasting and versatile treatment. This makes this facial truly lasting and rejuvenating.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

The NY Facial is divided into three levels, with each level bringing you closer to the result. The first level consists of resurfacing of the skin to discard the piled up dead skin cells. This brings forward new skin cells that freshen up the face. This step is immediately followed by a laser toning process which is carried out by a state- of- the- art collagen stimulating lasers which penetrate deep in the skin to get rid of dullness, pigmentation, fine lines and broken blood vessels from the root. This makes this process long lasting. We mean it.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

The next and the final level towards a minter you, is the hottest in light therapy, RED RX (trust us, it’s as incredible as it sounds). This not only overwhelms the remaining impurities but also leaves the skin smooth, radiant and rejuvenated. Our team of extraordinary experts combined with this treatment is sure to reap colossal results. The NY Facial seeps deep in the skin and work at the roots of the anomalies so they don’t come back to haunt you any time soon, giving you a lasting glow, which soon becomes a part of your identity. This therapy can be twitched up a jot to the NY Facial 4D which targets 4 different layers of the skin.