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An unfortunate conversation starter in many social settings – dark circles are an affliction many Indians struggle with. Be it men or women, those patches under the eye are prevalent across ages. Garnering instant comments from harried parents to worried friends to nosy co-workers, dark circles are much more than a beauty problem. Unfortunately, many underlying causes of dark circles are not known or simply ignored. While genetics play a crucial role in the manifestation of dark circles i.e. those with deep set eyes are predisposed to dark circles, there are a number of other factors at play. Essentially, the region around the eye appears darker on account of two facts: one being that the skin around the eye is about 0.5 mm thick as compared to the rest of our skin which is usually 2 mm thick and secondly, skin tissue only allows blue or violet wavelengths of light to pass through it thus leading to the appearance of dark circles. However, they become prominent on account of certain issues which should be addressed.

Causes of dark circles: A deficiency in one’s diet is first and foremost reflected on one’s face. Eyes and the skin around it are no exception. Deficiency in essential minerals and vitamins are the foremost reason for dark circles in most people. As one ages, the skin becomes thinner and the level of collagen reduces thus exposing and enhancing the appearance of blood vessels beneath the skin and making the entire region appear darker. Tiredness is, of course, one of the primary reasons for those dark patches under the eye. Lack of proper sleep and rest to the eyes is most often followed by dark circles. Staying up late or working too hard are best avoided. A leading cause of dark circles is also pigmentation. A condition which affects people with dark skin tones, periorbital hyperpigmentation is basically a condition where more melanin is produced around the eye thus giving it a darker color. Eye puffiness or bags under the eyes are not far when one suffers from ark circles. It is important to understand that while a good night’s rest and structured diet work wonders in reducing dark circles, there is need for expert involvement in many cases.

At Lumiere Derma, we understand the importance of a healthy set of eyes. Using the best in latest technology and with expert knowledge of the condition, we customize the treatment for dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles as per our patients’ needs and body. With treatments like ‘Under Eye Rescue’ or ‘Accent Ultra Under Eye Lift’, we focus on the root cause of the circles. While ‘Tear Trough Fillers’ and ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’ treatment focus on restoring the health and appearance of the skin around the eye. Whatever maybe bothering you, Lumiere Derma will fix it effectively and with no side effects.  Say goodbye to dark circles!

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