Lumiere Dermatology

At Lumiere Derma, we are of the belief that every person deserves to look their best, every day. With this mantra in mind, we offer you the best in class facilities and services so that you can bring out your best beautiful every single day.

Our team comprising of the leading industry experts, dermatologists, nutritionists and other doctors are at your service at any time. We at Lumiere Derma ensure that you receive the exact diagnosis and treatments for any condition related to your skin, hormones and your overall wellbeing. At Lumiere Derma we have adopted unique methods and procedures that put the patient’s comfort and security right next to the effectiveness of the treatment – both at the very top of our priority list.

At Lumiere Derma, we follow the most advanced techniques and procedures to make sure that you feel beautiful inside out. Our efforts are aimed at providing you unparalleled services and facilities, while also keeping your comfort in mind. We follow a very humane approach to our treatments. Each member of our team prioritizes your comfort and convenience above everything else and ensures that you receive successful treatment and recovery from our procedures.

At Lumiere Derma we have adopted a novel approach to Dermatology, known as Organic Dermatology. It is a concept that derives its basis from the wish to treat our patients not just physically, but also psychologically and emotionally, all with a human touch.  Lumiere Derma is a pioneer in hair and skin care and is leaving all others far behind in the race to provide the most effective, inexpensive, comfortable and successful treatment in skin and hair care to all our patrons. With an unrivalled army of experts at Lumiere Derma, we make sure that you receive the best possible treatment to treat your condition and restore your glow and youth. Customer satisfaction is our scale of measuring success and our only mission at Lumiere Derma.

We at Lumiere Derma are also making huge advances in the research and development of new technologies and procedures to continue giving our best for the welfare of our patrons. We are a team of experts who have a vision of helping each person show their best face to the world and restore their confidence in themselves, to help them enjoy a healthy, happy and hearty life. We believe not only in offering the best treatment and facilities to our patrons but also taking preventive measures to avoid problems in the future.  At Lumiere Derma, we assure you of the best services and facilities as well as of excellent results. All you have to do is simply walk in and consult one of our experts regarding your problem. We will take care of the rest!