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Burns are injuries caused to the skin and other tissues on account of over exposure to and extreme contact with heat, sun, fire, electricity, cold or chemicals. In India, especially, cases of burn victims are higher than the rest of the globe on account of most people cooking on open fire and using unsafe utensils and techniques of cooking as well as due to the extreme tropical climate.  There are degrees of burns based on the level of affliction to the skin, fat and muscle. First and second degree are usually limited to affecting the skin, third degree permeates to the layer of fat and the forth to the muscle. The degree and severity is thus based on the size of the burn and the depth of it. Most burns, even sunburns need immediate medical or expert supervision.  While it is possible to recover from most burns, they leave behind physical and mental scars on their victims. Often times, keloids are formed. These are raised scar tissues caused due to excessive protein deposits on the surface of the skin as an injury heals. They are harmless i.e. benign in nature but do not lead to a pretty sight. Lumpy and rigid in texture, they are usually chronic in nature and last for a lifetime. Surgeries and other injures also lead to the formation of keloids.

Symptoms of burns and keloids: Usually self-diagnosable, symptoms of burns range from minor discomfort to life threatening injuries. The accompanying pain may also range from mild to severe. Blisters, peeling, loss of colour and redness are usually associated with burns. Swelling, water-filled pustules and tenderness of skin are common symptoms of burns too.  As far as keloids are concerned, they are self-diagnosable too on account of noticeable symptoms like raised lumps, darkening of the skin, swollen blood vessels and itchy redness. Many people seek treatment for burns but do not realize that the resultant scars or keloids, which are permanent in nature unless addressed, can be treated too.

Treatment for burns and keloids:  Sunburns and small scalds maybe treated by the victims themselves using well known remedies or home remedies. However, deep and widespread burns need medical attention. At Lumiere Derma, we treat patients immediately after burns or even decades later as the burn scar remains. With advanced treatments like laser skin rejuvenation, derma roller and microdermabrasion, it is possible to get completely rid oneself of burn scars. While there is a myth that keloids are difficult to treat, at Lumiere Derma, we have effectively broken the myth with some of our profound and effective treatments. Steroids, anti-tumor medication and silicone gel sheets are the usual go-to treatments for keloids the world over. However, by supplementing those with cryotherapy which involves freezing technology or Lumiere’s pro – Rx resurfacing treatment which is the latest in technology when it comes to treating damaged skin.

Thus, it is our endeavor to help victims of burns and keloids live a scar-free life – both physically and emotionally.

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