Liquid Face Lift

Though time does go to war with face, a time turner dressed as a soft savior arrives to save the day. Even the sharpness of scalpel dulls out in front of Liquid Facelift. Liquid Facelift is a product of innovation in nonsurgical science, as it combines Botox and fillers, the need of a surgical induced face lift dries out. Age brings out the sogginess of the face, which is considered a red light in the world of fashion. But to the rescue of everyone, arrives Liquid Facelift which adds volume to the face via the help of natural hyaluronic acid filters. The magical needles that branch off from pain, has the ability to make you not only look younger and beautiful but naturally at the same time too, which makes or breaks the deal in the long run considering a non-natural method loses its confidence.

Not only will you look more beautiful than before but the Liquid Facelift leaves without any footprints, leaving a pall of secrecy behind. The faces you will greet will turn from astonishment to confusion, for this face is a living proof of the victory from time, and also carrying a pocket of secret known to those who cared to trust it to embrace. Expected results from Liquid Facelift are the following-


*An uplifting of the entire facial features.

*Diminished folds, wrinkles, creases or line.

*Reconditioning of facial contours

*A Bright Smile 

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
  • How it works?Injectables like Xeomin and Botox combined with fillers are used to create a “Liquid Facelift” which can be used to reshape, contour and lift areas of the face to add to the youthfulness of it without needing any surgery or making any incision on your face. There is a downside to it, as if done improperly or in greater quantities, it can make you look older, rather than younger. But this is where our team at Lumiere Derma comes in. With our experience and dedication, we will get you the natural look and the perfect “value- for- money” result.

    The technique, if done properly can be used in many zones and places like:

    • To lift drooping features like brow
    • Get rid of the eye bags, dark circles and the deep-set look of the eyes
    • Lift the corners of the mouth
    • Hide nose bumps
    • Create fuller lips
    • Gives a fresher look
    • Can be used to add volume to the sunken cheeks


    How long does it last?


    If done properly and adequately, the effect can last for over a year. If there is an dubiousness in the beginning you can avoid getting all the injections in one session and want to spread it over scheduled visits. These also help in creating a base in the first visit and then slowly building upon it in the subsequent visits.