How To Treat Large Pores? Visit Lumiere Derma Now

Pores, as the name suggests, are tiny dots on one’s skin which are basically openings of hair follicles. As the human body is covered with tiny hair all over, the pore is the hair strand’s entryway out of the skin. Except for the sole of our feet and the palm of our hands, there are pores on every inch of our body. Every pore contains a sebaceous gland which is responsible for secreting oil. There are parts on our body, like the forehead, nose, and other parts of the face where the pores are larger and more noticeable since the underlying sebaceous gland is larger. It is essential for the pores to remain open as it allows for proper secretion of sweat and oil from the body. The size of the pore is also influenced by the color of the skin and your genes. Darker people have more enlarged pores. Thus, Indians are at a perpetual risk of issues related with open pores.

While larger pores do serve a purpose on some parts of our body like helping the sweat and oil reach the surface, enlarged or open pores often lead to skin ailments as they are an open invite for dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and cosmetics to be deposited in them. Issues related to open pores

  1. The sebum secreted by the sebaceous gland to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized maybe over secreted thus causing the pore to swell and lead to acne and other abrasions.
  2. Larger pores are indicative of an underlying issue of excessive sweating. Excessive sweating in itself could be a symptom of a larger issue.
  3. The skin is susceptible to the harmful effects of sun and UV radiation.
  4. Open pores are an open invitation to clogging which lead to acne, skin ailments and damage to the skin.

While aging is the natural cause of open and enlarged pores, it is now possible to minimize the pore opening using the latest technology and protocol. This helps in keeping the skin healthy and ailment free as well changes its appearance for the better as the pores tighten. For any treatment to work, certain basics need to be in place like in the case of open pores it is important to ensure one uses the best cosmetic products, wears sunscreen regularly, keeps hygienically clean by exfoliating and using masks and eating right. At Lumiere Derma, we realize that despite taking immense care, enlarged pores need external and expert treatment for the best results. Using laser techniques like ClearLift, Pixel Perfect Rejuvenation, and Toning, we help restore the pores of the skin. Baby Botox, one of our pioneered techniques, is highly effective in treating pores. Plasma Rx Skin Resurfacing helps the skin look younger and firmer. Open and enlarged pores will no longer be a problem once you sign up with Lumiere Derma for premium skin care.


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