Head to Toe Facial

Lumiere Derma has brought to you the Head- to- Toe Body Facial right here in New Delhi which promises a glowing skin throughout the entire length of your body. This facial, along with being rejuvenating for your body, is also relaxing, as every possible skin cell is treated upon to locate and eradicate underlying issues. This gives you the confidence and the surety of being event- ready no matter how big an event it is. Formulated from the ideas and secrets of the treatment given to professional models and customised for you by our team of experts, this Head- to- Toe Body Facial is the all-encompassing treatment you need before any function or event, be it a marriage, a movie screening, third date with someone, or anything and everything. As the name suggests, this facial gives you a thorough cleansing from your neck to your toes including your hands. This powerful facial acquires epic levels when done by our skincare experts because at Lumiere Derma we won’t let you settle for anything less than perfect.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

Especially popular with newlyweds and young brides who are looking for something out of the ordinary to help them with their wedding jitters. It works on every kind of problems ranging from tanning, dullness, marks to pigmentation and even uneven rough texture. We at Lumiere Derma are dedicated towards your goal and your satisfaction. This gives us the motivation to go through each crest and base so what’s left behind is just pure, flawless, radiant skin that effortlessly earns attention from one and all. To put in a fine detail- it can even get to the ingrown hair follicles.

As far as the time is concerned, this facial only requires one session and hence doesn’t demand a lot of time from your already busy schedule. A wedding is already a tedious event, and hence our experienced professionals get it done in a record time. This comes handy because time is of the essence in any wedding and we assure you that we will get you ready before the invitations are even RSVP-ed. Trust us, this is what miracles look like.

This facial has been specially adapted and customized for the Indian skin and climate and gives an all rounded result in a very less time. It uses multiple techniques and dermatological processes to give your skin that inner glow and rich-fullness that it was meant to have. The first step is the exfoliation of the skin down to each follicle which gives an even and smooth texture. The next process involves removing those determined blemishes and discolorations with the help of specialized treatment creams. The penultimate step (and the most fun) is the overwhelming super-charged microlight technology where the skin is treated with collagen and fibroblast activating light which makes the skin look as young as you want it to be. The final step is the all-inclusive approach to remove every skin concern like tanning, pimples, marks, red spots, rashes and discoloration.