Glow & Maintenance

How many times have you looked in the mirror and realized that your skin now is not what it used to be? There might be a variety of reasons for that but one of the most prominent is that now you do not have that kind of time to really take care of your skin and even if you do take care of it then the increasing level of pollution in the atmosphere, the lifestyle and because of various other reasons your skin now demands something extra.

What causes glowing skin?

There can be various causes for glowing skin like:

  • Cell Renewal: This reason is quite simple as the skin glows when it is smooth enough to reflect light while on the other hand skin becomes dull when rough, dead skin cells pile up and diffuse light. So the faster the cells of your skin renew the more it glows
  • Circulation: This is another factor that contributes to skin glowing. So whenever you work out or indulge in any sort of physical activity there is an increased blood supply to your skin and blood rush to the surface and makes the skin appear more rosy and glowing.
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What are the reasons because of which you might not have a glowing skin?

There can be various reasons why one might not have a glowing skin like:

  • Lifestyle: It is one of the most important factors for a radiant skin as a healthy glowing complexion reflects the body within. Unhealthy habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and not having a balanced diet might contribute to you not having the desired skin
  • Sleep: Not sleeping for 7-8 hours a day can also take a toll on your body and hinder your path to achieving a perfect skin
  • Dehydration: Not drinking the appropriate amount of water can give a weak and shriveled appearance to your skin making it dull

What can we at Lumiere do for you?

We at Lumiere have prepared the perfect strategies for you to achieve that glowing skin. We know that in today’s time your skin needs something extra to achieve that perfect glow and we have that something extra. Head on to Lumiere and forget your worries about having a glowing skin we just won’t help you achieve that glowing skin but we will also help you in maintaining that skin because we know that once you have that glowing skin then you would not want to lose it again. So contact us at Lumiere and we’ll help you decide a perfect treatment plan for achieving the glowing skin and then choose from our range of facials to help maintain that perfect glowing skin!