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Marks of a warrior – that’s what stretch marks should be called. They are the marks of warriors who have fought a battle not many can. Streaks or stripes against the skin, stretch marks are easy to understand – they are the marks left behind because the skin was stretched and then sent back into its original position. Skin, unfortunately, is not exactly elastic. While it does stretch, it cannot be restored to its original condition automatically. Hence, the marks. Usually associated with pregnancy, puberty or size changes, stretch marks appear around the stomach, thighs, breasts, buttocks, hips or arms most often. Medical conditions like Marfan syndrome or even the prolonged use of certain creams and lotions containing corticosteroid causes the loss of collagen which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. This distension of skin caused during obesity or pregnancy causes the skin to stretch beyond its natural elasticity to accommodate for the fat or the baby results in stretch marks. 

While they are unseemly to look at, stretch marks are very common. These long, narrow streaks are known to fade with time and have no serious long term health repercussions.  While they may not be physically dangerous, they are associated with self-image issues as they are a significant cosmetic concern. It is important to realize that and not let them disturb you mentally or emotionally. More importantly, they are treatable. Also referred to as striae, they appear as the dermis tears and suffers trauma. Traditionally, olive oil and frankincense were used to remedy these marks. But now, medicine and technology have advanced much further and it is possible to reduce these marks significantly. Easy to self-diagnose, we, at Lumiere Derma, encourage our patients suffering from stretch marks, to reach out to us as soon as they realize that they suffer from it. A skin examination and medical review later, it is possible to start treatment. We offer a wide set of treatments to suit your skin as well as your pocket. Time is also something we are sensitive to  You may choose our pain free and popular ClearLift Laser treatment which targets the affected area specifically as well as all signs of stretching or our Pixel Perfect Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment which rapidly targets all the imperfections and gives you clear, smooth skin. Dermarollers, the technique adopted by many A -lister actors and actresses to deal with many skin related issues, are popular and effective too. Microdermabrasion is another way to go considering it leaves the skin flawless, shining and spotless. The technology ploughs away the dead and dry skin to give way to new skin.

Each of our techniques are aimed at helping you and your skin be the best version of yourself. So, go ahead, and book an appointment with us. Lumiere Derma will ensure you get the best results.

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