Fat Loss

Excess weight and obesity is a problem affecting several people in the world today, owing to a combination of lifestyle and nutritional choices. Now, you can get the figure you have always desired through the advanced weight loss and body contouring services at Lumiere Derma. Using the latest and the most advanced nutritional sciences, diets and body contouring technologies, we make sure that you get that perfect figure that you have always desired. After a complete analysis of your body type, nutritional habits, medical history and fat distribution trends, our experts at Lumiere Derma will chart out a diet plan and therapies especially tailored for you.

Some of the techniques for weight loss and contouring used at Lumiere Derma include the following:

  • Cooltech: Advanced procedure than Cryolipolysis / CoolSculpting

A highly advanced body sculpting technique, the Cooltech procedure is a non invasive, non surgical cosmetic treatment that leaves you with no side effects or downtime and gives amazing results. The treatment cures several body and skin issues that you may be suffering from, including loose skin ,weight loss as well as thread veins and wrinkles. The Cooltech procedure works by freezing the fat cells before destroying them completely, thereby resulting in weight loss.

  • Derma Diet  : After careful examination of your body type, nutritional habits, preferences as well as fat distribution, our experts at Lumiere Derma prescribe a diet that is tailor made for you and aids in rapid weight loss in a way that does not make your skin sag and maintains the natural glow of your face.
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  • Accent Ultra V : The Accent Ultra V procedure makes use of a combination of two technologies in order to help you lose fat and contour your body – the Radio frequency module and the Ultrasound module. The Radio Frequency module makes use of radio frequency in order to cause the shrinkage of fat cells as well as to perform skin tightening. The Ultrasound module makes use of ultrasound energy in order to destroy the fat cells in your body and reshape the formerly fatty areas to give you the figure you desire.
  • Ulthera : Ulthera is US FDA approved therapy that selectively targets the fat cells in your body and destroys them, helping you lose weight easily. It also lifts and tightens the skin so that there is no sagging due to the weight loss.
  • NY Slim Fat Loss : The NY Slim Fat Loss therapy is an advanced, effective, non surgical and non invasive procedure brought to you by Lumiere Derma, which helps you in getting rid of the unwanted lumps of fat in your body. The therapy results in dramatic weight and inch loss without having to diet or exercise and with minimal downtime. The treatment uses a combination of collagen stimulation, skin tightening as well as fat blasting procedures in order to eliminate the excess fat from your body and give you a perfect figure.