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While many people suffer from excessive weight – that persistent accumulation of fat that sneaks up on them while they are busy leading stressful professional and personal lives or due to the genes and hormonal changes which they are blessed with or on account of side effects of a medication they took – not many people are doing the right thing to get rid of the excess fat. Yes, being overweight is a huge health hazard and also an embarrassing social stigma. Yes, it prevents many from pursuing the career of their dreams or wearing outfits of their choice or even spending time with people they would like to on account of being overweight or fat. While no one needs an hourglass figure or needs to be size zero to live a happy life, but everyone does need to maintain appropriate weight to live a healthy life. We, at Lumiere Derma, understand this. We also understand that losing weight is an individual battle which sometimes seems insurmountable.

Exercising and eating right and well is the first principle of losing weight. We recognize that. We also promote a healthy lifestyle of sleep and no smoking and drinking caffeine and alcohol beyond the limit to help with the weight. However, we also understand that not all weight can be lost this way. With prominent fat loss techniques that we have perfected through research and training, Lumiere Derma can help you achieve your weight goals. Not just that. We understand that being in your best shape means focusing on certain regions of the body. Focusing on burning the cellulite of a particular region to help it achieve the right shape and size is also now possible with the help of certain body contouring techniques. The first principle of any weight loss endeavor is to recognize that every body is different. And that everyone cannot lose weight the same way. Since that is true, it becomes paramount to customize the fat loss treatment as per the body of the patient. This is where our treatment under DermaDiet comes into picture where we customize our diets as per our patient. Cool Complete is a revolutionary technique in fat loss where latest and most advanced freezing techniques are used to bust the fat.

Body contouring something we offer especially to our previously overweight clients to help them eliminate or reduce fat and skin from specific spots. Similarly, body tightening is also offered at Lumiere Derma using Ulthera which leaves the skin and body tight and smooth. There is also a holistic treatment available for the stubborn bits of fat around the chin, thigh or areas like the upper arm called NYSlim Fat Loss which is US FDA approved. With techniques like this, Lumiere Derma promises to help you wade your way through the harrowing yet life-changing experience of fat loss and shaping your body. We help you achieve the body of your dreams in the best way possible!

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