Eczema, medically known as Atopic Dermatitis, is condition that causes certain patches of the skin to become red, itchy, inflamed, rough and cracked. In several cases of Eczema, patients outgrow the condition on their own or require over the counter medications in order to treat the condition.

However, sometimes patients need professional medical intervention in order to treat treat the condition of Eczema, which is where we at Lumiere Derma come into picture.

Causes of Eczema

The specific causes of eczema remain unknown, although the condition is believed to develop owing to a combination of environmental as well as genetic factors, which include the following:

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  • Allergens such as mold, pollen and dust mites
  • Irritants like shampoos, disinfectants as well as certain fruits, vegetables and meat products. Wearing tight clothing often in a manner that irritates the skin may also be one of the reasons behind the development of Eczema.
  • Hormones
  • Stress, which is not a direct cause of Eczema, but can worsen symptoms
  • Food products such as soy products, dairy products, eggs etc.
  • Microbes such as viruses, bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus as well as certain fungi
  • High humidity, very cold or very hot temperature conditions as well as excess perspiration may also lead to Eczema
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At Lumiere Derma, we offer a complete, 360 degree treatment plan to treat the condition of Eczema in both children and adults. Various treatment methods are adopted and suggested for the treatment of Eczema at Lumiere Derma. These include the following:

  • Prevention : the best way to manage the condition of Eczema is to take conscious steps to avoid flare ups in the first place. It thus becomes important to keep your eyes open for any factors that may trigger the condition, such as Pets and harsh detergents.
  • Following a proper skincare regimen: dry, dehydrated skin as well as rashes and itching can worsen the condition of Eczema. It is, therefore, important to follow a skincare regimen that takes care of your skin and keeps it hydrated. The use of a moisturiser is recommended post a shower, no matter how the weather is – use a light moisturiser in case it is too humid, but never skip on moisturising your skin.

It is also recommended that you use mild, non-dehydrating soaps and body washes, preferably ones that are non perfumed and alcohol free.

Medication and Therapy: depending upon the extent of your condition, you may be prescribed over the counter medication by our experts at Lumiere Derma. Your condition may also be treated by making use of therapies such as Natural Light Therapy or Phototherapy that works on curing Eczema.