Dark and Thin Lips

What are dark and thin lips?

Women all around the globe try to achieve that perfect look and that look will always be incomplete without a beautiful face. The definition of a beautiful face often includes big eyes, light and full lips and a structured face. Now nature has granted symmetry to us but sometimes one might think that their lips just do not suit their face. Their lips might be too thin or dark which just throws everything off.

What are the reasons for having Dark Lips?

There can be various reasons for dark lips like:

  1. Smoking: It undoubtedly causes dark lips as the tobacco of smoking stains onto the lips so that your lips look very black
  2. Hyperpigmentation: The excess exposure to sun cause black hues on the lips, that black hue is called melanin or hyperpigmentation
  3. Ignorance: Your habit such as not taking the cosmetics of your lips, not using a lip balm, dryness and various other harmful and careless habits cause dark lips too
  4. Allergens: Sometimes on may experience black or blue lips due to some allergic reaction to a cosmetic
  5. Caffeine: It is diuretic in nature hence it dries the lips which eventually leads to black lips
  6. Eating Disorders: The lack of nutrient-related with various eating disorders also damage the lips making them appear darker over time
  7. Regional Fact: Due to some regional factors some women in India and Africa often have black or darker lips from birth
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What are the reasons for having thin lips?

The various reasons for having thin lips are:

  1. Smoking: This habit often leads to shriveled and shrink looking lips over time
  2. Aging: As one grows old their lips tend to lose the fullness they once possessed
  3. Dehydration: Not drinking enough water can also give the appearance of thinner lips
  4. Lack of attention: You might have full lips but you’re not taking care of them makes them appear thinner and dry looking
  5. Extreme Weather: Sometimes extreme weather conditions can result in thinner lips
  6. Sun: Too much exposure to the sun can also cause one to have thinner lips

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