Bridal Beauty

When it comes to bridal makeover, there are more options available than there are suitable men. There is variety of catalogues available in a range of prices, with each one offering something “new”. We understand that a wedding is the most strenuous event for the bride and any semblance of peace would be welcomed with both hands, and hence we moon-walk in with our expert guides to show you the way. We understand that we are competing with your local, friendly salon and hence we bring to you something you can’t resist.

Lumiere Derma brings to you the best answer to all your woes. With our permanent fix for everything beauty, we boast of a wider spectrum of treatments which last for a longer period of time. Unlike the salon results which only last a few days but charge almost the same. We, then, justifiably brag about the permanence of our treatments which stays with you like the memories of the big day.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare

The other important feature here to note is that we do not use tons of commercial products like the salons and hence do not run the risk of allergies or irritations. Our products and therapies give the skin a natural glow and lift and side track the powdered-up frozenness the in- salon treatment gives.

Our aim at Lumiere Derma is to bring out the younger, fresher you and not to change you into something you are not (Natural beats artificial any day). We do a complete assessment of the skin and your body and proceed accordingly. Even your hair is evaluated and the best treatment meted out to it. We believe each individual is a unique piece of art and hence we customise and tailor our treatments according to individual needs and requirements. Unlike the salons, who give disastrous results each time owing to their fixed and unchangeable “one- for- all” make-up which only ever works 10 to 20 percent of the times.

We have created an extensive array of treatments to cater to each individual’s demand and taste and provide a thorough make-over that lasts. Apart from this, we are also known for the treatment options we have for the groom, the parents and even the friends. There is something for everyone so no one feels cut-short by others on the big day. The advantage of our therapies is that they are permanent and don’t fade out like ice-cream in marriages; our treatments are like the fruit punches, they can be seen everywhere and they are here to stay.