All You Need to Know About Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin condition that causes the drying, scaling as well as the thickening of the skin. Resulting from an excessively rapid proliferation of skin cells, the dry flakes fall off the skin. At Lumiere Derma, we aim to adopt the best possible methods for the treatment of your condition of Psoriasis.

Causes of Psoriasis

The actual cause of Psoriasis is unknown, although it is believed to be caused as a result of a combination of genetic as well as environmental factors. Members of the same family are commonly found to be suffering from the condition.

  • Immune regulation defects, as well as defects in the control of inflammation, are also believed to be playing a role in causing the disease.
  • Certain medications like beta blockers are also believed to cause Psoriasis in some people.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

  • Psoriasis usually affects the knees, scalp as well as the elbows.
  • Although the condition may affect any part of the body, it is more likely to be caused on the areas that are more prone to abrasion, friction, and scratching.
  • Small scaly spots are usually a common symptom of Psoriasis in children.
  • Dry, red and cracked skin that may bleed
  • Stiff and swollen joints
  • Itching, soreness or burning on the skin
  • Ridged, pitted or thickened skin

Treatment of Psoriasis

A number of factors such as age, gender, previous medical history as well as lifestyle choices influence the treatment undertaken for the treatment of Psoriasis. At Lumiere Derma, we analyze a variety of factors before our experts choose the best possible mode of treatment for your specific case. Some of the treatment methodologies adopted at and suggested by Lumiere Derma include the following:

  • Medication: oral medication or topical medication may be prescribed to you depending upon the type and extent of Psoriasis that you are suffering from. Your expert at Lumiere Derma will decide on the type, dosage, and frequency of medication to be prescribed by keeping in mind various factors specific to your condition.
  • Lifestyle changes to be undertaken: Certain common medication, excessive smoking, and ingestion of alcohol may cause or trigger the condition of Psoriasis in certain people. You are advised to abstain from these in case you are suffering from Psoriasis. Excessive weight and obesity may also be the reason behind the occurrence of Psoriasis in some people.

Following a proper skincare regimen is advised to people who are either suffering from the condition or fall in the high-risk category for Psoriasis. The liberal use of moisturizers as well as the use of non-drying, mild soaps are recommended to patients, in order to tackle excessive drying of the skin.

  • Therapies and treatments undertook: phototherapy making use of either UVA or UVB light may be advised to you by our experts at Lumiere Derma.

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