Almost 80% men and women are affected by acne at some point in their lives. Although acne was initially believed to be a condition affecting adolescents and teenagers, more and more adults are now suffering from this condition.

At Lumiere Derma, we provide you with the best acne treatments in the country. Pur experts analyse your condition and suggest the best methods of treatment for acne, while keeping in mind various factors such as your age, gender, skin type etc.

We offer the following treatment options for getting rid of your acne quickly:

  • Acne Defense Therapy

Acne Defense Therapy offered at Lumiere Derma is the best in class treatment for getting rid of acne quickly. Especially tailored for your specific skin type, the Acne Defense Therapy usually takes about 2 to 4 sittings to get rid of those pesky zits. With minimal downtime and no side effects, the Acne Defense Therapy is your go-to treatment for getting rid of pimples.

The treatment comprises of a combination of therapies that include : Diamond Microdermabrasion, Diamond Medifacials, Vita Facials, NeoLaser Facials as well as Instaglow and Instaglam facials.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
  • AFT Photofacials

The next generation AFT Photofacial technology used at Lumiere Derma is your perfect solution for skin problems such as spider veins, acne, freckles and rosacea. We assure you of the best results with the leading experts and the most advanced skincare technology in the country.  With the Advanced Fluorescent Technology, we restore your skin back to its healthy self by getting it rid of acne, pimples, pimple marks and birthmarks. The AFT Photofacials performed at Lumiere Derma are perfectly safe, more efficient, stronger as well as more focussed at bringing you the best results.

  • Pre-Party Zit Zapper

Heading to a party but that pesky zit bothering you? Well, don’t worry because we at Lumiere Derma bring you the best solution to instantly make your skin glow again. Our Zit Zapper treatment gets rid of your zit in just a couple of hours, overseen by the leading experts in the business.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare
  • ClearYou Technology

The ClearYou Technology is a new US FDA approved technique that helps in the treatment of acne by making use of LED therapy. By making use of this technology, light of specific wavelengths that kill the acne causing bacteria, is focussed on specific affected areas of the body. One sitting of the ClearYou procedure takes about 20 minutes. One sitting a week for 12 weeks is the recommended frequency of the ClearYou procedure. Since the procedure selectively targets the bacteria that is causing acne and not the surrounding healthy tissue, the ClearYou therapy is a very safe, risk-free procedure.

  • Metabolic Peels

At Lumiere Derma, we offer specialised peels designed to attack and eliminate acne according to your skin type. With many different peels such as chemical and glycolic peels to choose from at our facility, we make sure that you obtain best results from our metabolic peels, with minimal side effects.