Acne Defense

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The one thing that always shows up right before you have to attend an event, is acne. They pay you a visit when you are least expecting them. Acne can not only ruin your look but also your mood which ultimately leads to a spoilt evening. But wait, Lumiere Derma is here to the rescue. We have developed the almighty acne remover therapy after intense research and prognosis. Our acne therapy works on the toughest of zits and eradicates them from the base. This makes this therapy exceedingly popular. This therapy is a blend of more than 6 treatments which makes it ultra- effective in penetrating and treating each and every pore. This results in not only the eradication of the zits but also prevent them from forming in the future. The main advantage of this therapy is the versatility of its use. It can be done anytime and in any season. This also fights skin dryness, irritation, and peeling. The oily and acne-prone skin is given a complete makeover to make it less susceptible to infections, allergies and obviously, the acne. This therapy is non-comedogenic which means it will not clog the pores but only clan them.

This therapy is more effective than creams and other treatments, as it only takes two to four sessions to give you the minutely- effective result. Our crew of skincare experts have had experience in this therapy and have earned themselves a light, quick hand which makes this therapy painless and irritation- free. Moreover, each treatment meted out is customized according to individual skin type so if you have sensitive skin, we would treat it accordingly so to provide a customized effectiveness and to treat you like the unique individual that you are.

This treatment hardly requires any downtime or has any side-effects. Our celebrity- approved treatments works specifically for you to give you a clear, acne-free skin with negligible side effects. This also includes getting rid of the scars left behind by the acne or any previous bloody encounter with a pimple or acne that had resulted in a bumpy surface.

Our treatments restrain sebum production and bacterial growth and also encourages the tumbling of new skin cells to open and unclog pores. With our most products being water-based, there are hardly any side effects of the treatment. Our regime will help you beat those acne blues sooner than any products or other therapies. Visit our store at Lumiere Derma and let our people work their magic on you.

Lumiere Derma- Healthcare/skincare